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So I finally watched the last episodes of season 5 yesterday evening and damn I don't know quite what to say.  I really like and love a lot of it concerning Sam and Dean and how their relationship was handled.

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16 June 2010 @ 08:26 pm
Hey, I know it's been a very long time since I posted and I'm sorry for not having answered anyone who have written me here or on YT. :/

I've been completely away from fandom since my last post in February(?) and haven't even looked at my fandom email account yet. My reasons are the usually suspects I guess and I'm not going to bore anyone with them. I've just been ill and struggled with a lot of RL problems and demands, which made it very difficult for me to focus on fandom or vidding for that matter. Things are finally started to get better and I can feel my vidding muse beginning to complain and become very restless.  :P Apparently I can't vid or enjoy fandom, if I'm really unhappy or stressed.

I hope you all have been faring well and that life has been good to you. Again I'm so sorry for not haven't gotten back to those of you who have commented on my vids/posts in the last 4 months, I really appreciate your kind words.

I look forward to be catching up with you guys, fandom and SPN in the next couple of weeks.  Would you believe I haven't even watched the last five episodes of season 5(!?) *grins* I really have been a horrible fan and friend!

So has anything fun, crazy or amazing happened to you or in fandom while I've been awol?
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27 January 2010 @ 08:47 pm
I really fail at this Lj thing, don't post enough and sorry to every new and old friend that I haven't spoken too in a while. I tend to be a bit of a lurker and eh well haven't been around much due to RL. So far 2010 haven't started out in the best of ways for me but at least spn is back right?:)
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Anyway I'm starting to work on my next spn vid, which is this Sam/Lucifer and Dean/Micheal thing that the lovely griva_x is the brainchild behind as usual. I soo need to get my hands on a good rip of the new Legion movie for this.

Among other fannish things I watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie and fell in lust and laughs;) Slashy goodness all around and for once I'm very much looking forward to the inevitable sequel.

And lastly I've been mainlining the first 2 seasons of Merlin at an probably unhealthy pace. Why I haven't gotten around to watch this show before now I don't know but consider me a very new member of the merlin/arthur fan club*g* Those guys are adorable and with tons and tons of slashy moments. I really like the show, it's fun, well made, don't take itself too seriously but still touching in a lot of ways. I love Merlin with his cute ears, chin and big eyes and Arthur's wicked mouth, broad shoulders and hair! My armor kink is so easy to indulge here too.*happy sigh*

I'm really hard to sell a new fandom to but I think Merlin have finally given me something new to enjoy and I can't wait to gouge myself on fics*g* Still very much in love with Spn but it'll be nice to have something so completely different to change between.

So dear flist, any good Merlin/arthur recs and comms?

PS. I've already started to pick out scenes to use in a Merlin slash vid, yeah predictable thy name is me. *facepalm*
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28 December 2009 @ 09:53 pm
I see everyone doing these, though I don't really have much to show:)

My Vids from 2009:

Blue on Black - posted  January 23

Rebirthing - posted March 11

Carnival of Rust - posted May 5

Crashed - posted July 28

When You Roll The Dice posted December 22

My favorite video this year: That would probably be "Blue on Black", not the best editing wise, but I just remember how easily the clips just seemed to fit together and it was the first where I truly were happy with my manips:)

My least favorite video this year:
Tricky, I really like them all, but will probably have to say "Crashed" cause I haven't really watched it a lot due to the pairing and Castiel.

Most successful video
That would have to be "Carnival of Rust". The feedback to that one was overwhelming and the tarot sequences turned out much better that I could have hoped for.

Video most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Uhu, that's a tough one. I have felt pretty darn lucky with the reception of all my vids. If I have to pick one, it's be "Blue on Black" just because it didn't get that many comments and I also received the most negative though constructive feedback on that one, which I of cause appreciate, it helps me learn:) And it's still my fave*g*

Most fun video:
That will have to be "Carnival of Rust". For once photo shop was collaborating with me and I had tons of fun working the still images into the moving clips.

Video with single sexiest moment:
Heh, thinky, thinky, I have plenty of slash moment to pick from but my fave must be from my most recent vid "When You Roll The Dice". There is a scene in the first verse with the lyrics " Where your gardens have no walls" where Sam kinda hovers over Dean thinking he's asleep. Then Dean takes Sam's hand, pushes it down his stomach and peeks up at his brother. Love that moment:)

Biggest vid fail
Well I never really were that happy with the ending of "Crashed", I was running out of ideas and had to cut a lot of the music away, so the ending became kinda abrupt, plus the editing in the "break" where Castiel saves Dean from hell should really have been a bit different from the rest of the vid. I regret I didn't change the coloring or pacing here. Oh and "Rebirthing" is one that suffered a lot under my repetition syndrome, I really need to go back and remaster some things about that one someday.

Hardest video to make:
Have to be "Crashed" It just made me realize how much it means to really be interested in what you vid. It was interesting to try out another pairing but my heart just wasn't really into it and I think it shows.

The things I've learned this year:
I have learned something new about the possibilities of my editing software every time I made a new vid and I have learned to give my fantasy free reign and not be afraid to try out different colorings and effects.
I have also become much more aware of pacing and not to use so many repetitive images as I used to. And last I have learned that I really, really need to have my heart with me, to make a vid or song work. I'm really not very good at doing requests, the song and subject have to resonate with me or nothing will happen:) I have learned to accept that I am just a pretty slow vidder and that I have to take my time, even when I get frustrated about not being able to complete a vid as fast as most others.

Wishes and to do list for 2010:
- Want to finally make this SPN hunter post apocalypse epic that's been haunting me for so long now.
- Will need to watch more vids from other fandoms and at least make one vid for something other than Spn.
- Will either kick photo shops butt or finally take the time to understand it properly;) Hmm we'll see how that goes.
- Try a different genre that isn't epic or dramatic, maybe a funny vid? That for reasons unknown is a bit scary to me.
- Would like to try collaborating with another vidder on a project.
- Get my hands on Adobe Premiere to see what it can do that Vegas cannot plus vice-versa and because I'm curious as hell.

Ah I could go on and on but this sums it up pretty well for now:)
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21 November 2009 @ 10:03 am
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06 November 2009 @ 03:50 pm
First I just gotta get this tiny part out of my system. *deep breath*
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28 October 2009 @ 05:29 pm
I've been looking a little at fandomsecrets lately, though it's a little to wanky a comm for me, but I stumbled over this beautiful secret that just describes my emotions on SPN and the boys perfectly, even though I only got into the show at the end of season 2.*sniff*

I still believe in them too! You better make this last season end right Kripke.

PS. I am working on a new wincest vid, hopefully within the next two weeks it will get done finally:)

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16 October 2009 @ 03:59 pm
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09 October 2009 @ 07:45 pm

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This is the reasons why Castiel, his characterization and relationship with the brothers have been frustrating me this season.  No screaming or ranting promise, just some puzzlement and me rambling a bit while trying to put the correct words on my problem with this:)


Lets just look at his actions on the show first.



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And apparently I just had to write a messy book about it?*facepalms* Oh well I just needed to get these thoughts out of my system. Impressed if anyone managed to read this far:) Feel free to disagree or not, we all have our own opinion on this:)



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